Chile, being narrow as a chili pepper, is actually a huge country of Latin America. Travelling around Chile you will be impressed seeing kilometers of driest deserts in the North and icebergs with pinguins in the South. 

Since there are so many varieties of climate in Chile, ot offers everything to everyone: ocean, deserts, mountains, icebergs, volcanoes. This most developed country of Latin America built highways that communicate all places. Chilean highway definitely help to discipline such a huge mass of land.

Chileans are like two oppose elements

Frankly speaking, the Chilean highway is more representative than highways in some European countries. Not without a reason, Chileans are called „Germans of Latin America”. Although the ancestors of German conquerers live primarly in Argentina, mainly inhabitants of Chile are the restrained ones and seriousness in a strange way balance their latin temperament. Their mentality can be compared to two elements – Water and Fire, occuring simultaneously – just as on the map of Chile – iceberg in the South and desert in the North. These contradictory features can lead to tourists’ consternation.

Torch people- who are they?

And here we go- driving through smooth, wide highway speeding up the car with sense of comfort and luxury. During the day we are impressed by picturesque changeable landscape. Just after the sun goes down, the driving comfort turns into a strange sensation. The traffic is more intense but not because of more vehicles. The reaseon are torch people.

Although we are close to the ocean, we barely mean lighthouse people. Torch people is a name earned by local people who sell local food right next to the highway! It’s the name given by us, of course. Business people who sell their products must attract attention of a potential customer. It’s not any different here. To make sure, drivers don’t pass them with a car with no emotions, local people use powerful torches. They have to be large and their light has to be directed straight towards incoming cars.

It may scare a tourist for a while –  it could be police or something. Then, after looking more carefully, we notice white flags- is it some kind of demonstration? Not at all! It’s a sign for insiders that the offer includes fresh, home made products.

The incident light doesn’t give an expected result hower. Just after we notice the products, it’s too late to slow down to buy something. Some parts of highway feel like an additional dose of adrenaline- all torch people basically put their strong lights all over the car, even just before the sharp turn appears. However, this has also a good side – it’s impossible to fall asleep driving at late night (and trust me – you will do a lot of driving it if you want to really get to know this country).

One thing comes to our mind however- if we travelled in intimate, narrow road, it wouldn’t be even that shocking. But it’s still a highway – there should be some rules here. In these moments, after a slight daze, we come to an agreement that we are in Latin America, not Europe. It’s not strange at all. Anything can happen.