In our work, we use the language of theater as a communication channel. The workshops allow for active participation and co-creation of the space of artistic expression. We exchange experiences resulting from different ways of learning about the world and we strengthen the sense of agency in young people. As a space for communication, acceptance, tolerance and self-expression, theater is an excellent platform for emotional development

Due to different needs and ways of working, we have prepared workshops for four age groups:

  • primary school (I-III, IV-VI, VI-VIII);
  • secondary school.

Duration of the workshop:

january – june 2023


Participants of the groups will come from migrant and Polish families.


Workshops are aimed at Caritas school clubs.

Workshops will be conducted by:

Monika Tomczyk – theatre teacher at the Miniatura Theatre (I-III, IV-VI)

Łukasz Ignasiński – an actor of the Horzyca Theatre (VII-VIII, secondary school)


Katarzyna Cybulska, Caritas Archidiecezji Gdańskiej
tel.: 534 234 911

Files to download: