An important role in the process of acclimatization and integration of children and adolescents with migration experience specialists attribute to intercultural workshops.

For years, we have been involved in activities in this field, noting a deficit of activities related to migration and intercultural awareness. In our work, we utilize the language of theater as a communication channel. The sessions allow for active participation and co-creation of the artistic expression space. We exchange experiences arising from different ways of perceiving the world and strengthen the sense of agency in young people. Theatre, as a space for communication, acceptance, tolerance, and self-expression, is an excellent platform for emotional development.The workshops are aimed at Polish and migrant children and teenagers.

The workshops, depending on the age group, are led by:

– Monika Tomczyk (educator of Miniatura City Theatre in Gdańsk) – workshops for children
– Łukasz Ignasiński (actor of Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń) – workshops for teenagers

The duration of the workshops is 2 hours, and they can be either one-off or recurring.  

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Contact us for more information:
e-mail: youplanculture@gmail.com
phone number: 0048 884 180 143