The first of the activities under the project ‘Let’s get to know each other’ was to conduct a survey among people who migrated to Poland. In this way, we learned about their needs and everyday life of foreigners who decided to live in our country. We notice that for many of them Poland is not only a place of temporary shelter or a transitory stopover, but becomes a new home for many years.

64 people took part in the survey. Thanks to the translation into Ukrainian and English, we reached immigrants from 5 continents and 28 countries, of which the most numerous nationality turned out to be Ukrainian (25). Over 70% of the respondents were women. The largest group of respondents – over 42% are people at a young working age. The most numerous survey was completed by people living in the Tri-City (25). The largest group among the respondents – about 31% are people who have been in Poland for a year. ** Among the people who have been in our country for six months to a year, there were only citizens of Ukraine and Belarus. Respondents indicate that they feel quite safe in Poland.** More than half of them answered that they wanted to stay in Poland. People who declared that they do not want to stay in Poland assess their integration with Poles as low. The respondents indicated that they were well received by Poles. The bad reception is the responses from people from the Philippines and India. We also asked about cultural events – whether they are tailored to the needs of the respondent’s culture (translations). Among those who marked yes – most come from Ukraine.

Summary in infographics coming soon.