You Plan Culture Foundation

Our organization creates and supports cultural activities in order to promote intercultural tolerance and multiculturalism. Our aim is to influence through the culture (by organizing festivals, workshops, exhibitions, concerts etc.), encourage people of different cultures, backgrounds and worldviews to open themselves for multicultural dialogue and build multicultural local societies. We work on integration of both – Polish citizens and foreigners living in Poland. Our activities are addressed to all groups (from children to seniors) but primarily to young people and adults.

Our biggest projects are:

Poszerz ŚwiatoPogląd” (2021, Active Citizens, National Fund) – a series of activities activating Poles and foreigners to joint cultural activities;

Multicultural Neighbours” (2022, Active Citizens Regional Fund.) – an initiative that includes foreigners in our society and supports intercultural dialogue.

The biggest event organized by us is the Festiwal ŚwiatoPogląd – Travel Culture Festival (so for 4 editions). Festival combines an overview of travelers’ accounts visiting particular places with a completely different perspective – stories of the inhabitants of these regions, currently living in our country. This formula relativizes the information provided by travelers and allows to gain first-hand knowledge. Thus, it gives a wide field for discussion about different worldviews and allows you to break boundaries and stereotypes. During this event we organize also exhibitions, documentary cinema, workshops and concert.

We are currently implementing – October 2022 – August 2023  – The Let’s get to know each other project (Active Citizens Regional Fund.) – these are activities involving Ukrainian pupils and students staying in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in building a local environment and strengthening social integration by conducting theater classes of  intercultural education, as well as activities promoting culture Ukrainian. The project also activates Polish students and teachers, increasing the level of awareness and empathy regarding the needs and problems of foreigners. We want to get away from the terms “migrant” or „refugee” in favor of getting to know ourselves from our strengths and strengthening our self-esteem.

The Foundation promotes cooperation with foreigners living in Poland, but due to the desire to develop and in accordance with its statutory objectives, it has been focusing on development and cooperation with organizations from abroad. So far, we have managed to work together with the Czas Ziemi Foundation/Centre for International Cooperation from Belarus, VŠĮ „Romų Integracijos Centras” from Lithuania and ForumoTeatras from Lithuania. We also organized cultural events to which we invited guests from abroad (Ukraine, Belarus).

Over the next few years, we would like to enter into cooperation with foreign institutions and foundations related to multiculturalism, anti-discrimination activities and tolerance.

In other countries, for geopolitical or historical reasons, the “cultural mix” has existed for many years. As a result, they have extensive experience in integrating different communities. With this idea, we want to develop foreign contacts in our foundation and be able to enter into cooperation with organizations from countries that have experience in building intercultural dialogue and spreading tolerance, as well as using the potential of newly arrived people.